Product Discontinuation / Replacement

                      • The following table is a list of products that Hongfa has stopped production or no longer recommends to use. These products are basically early products with same performance or inconsistent with market demand, and have been replaced by upgraded products with more stable performance.
                      Product Category Stopped production or no longer recommends to use Replace State
                      Automotive Relay HFKDV HFKAB, HFKF, HFKJ Discontinued
                      Automotive Relay HFKE Discontinued
                      Automotive Relay HFKC-L Discontinued
                      Automotive Relay JQC-24F HFV9 Discontinued
                      Automotive Relay HFV8 HFV28 Discontinued
                      Automotive Relay HFV4N HFV15N Stop promoting
                      Automotive Relay HFV7A HFV15, HFV16 Stop promoting
                      HIGH-FREQUENCY RELAY JPC-2F Discontinued
                      Industrial Relay HF18FA Order receiving stopped
                      Industrial Relay HF141FF Discontinued
                      Latching Relay HFE19-80(391) HFE19-90 Discontinued
                      Latching Relay HFE19-60(391) HFE19-60 Discontinued
                      Latching Relay HFE11 HFE19 Discontinued
                      Power Relay JQX-105F-3 Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF12FF Order receiving stopped
                      Power Relay HF118F 2 pole Order receiving stopped
                      Power Relay HF38F Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF49F/49FA HF49FD Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF68F HF118F Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF54FF Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF54FE HF160F Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF43F HF46F Discontinued
                      Power Relay HF26F/26F-T Discontinued
                      Power Relay JQX-15F/FS HF2151, HF105F-1/…D6 Discontinued
                      Power Relay 690 HF105F Series (L Type) Discontinued
                      Power Relay 691 HF105F Series Discontinued
                      Power Relay JQC-3FG HF3FA, HF3FD Discontinued
                      Relay Socket 13F-2Z-A Discontinued
                      Relay Socket 18FF-3Z-C2 18FF-3Z-C1 Discontinued
                      Relay Socket 140FF-2Z-A2 14FF-2Z-A1 Discontinued
                      Relay Socket 14FF-1Z-A2 14FF-1Z-A1 Discontinued
                      Signal Relay HFD41A HFD17 Discontinued
                      Time Relay SB-53FA/FC Discontinued